The Strength Between

Sun and Shade™

With over four decades of commercial carports design and installation experience, M Bar C Construction takes pride in meeting the most demanding specifications for utility, durability, and cost. Throughout our history, we have installed over 650 megawatts of energy and over 5 million square feet of structures installed per year. With installations across the nation, M Bar C is your carport solution.

A Commitment to Quality

M Bar C Construction is dedicated to delivering superior products, safe quality production, recognizable installations, and unconventional solutions tailored to our client’s project needs. 

We are known for the design and construction of solar & non-solar commercial carports and shade structures. M Bar C was developed to serve the increasing demands of commercial, government, and industrial customers with a variety of services including fabric, steel, and solar shade structures, along with renewable energy solutions.

“M Bar C Construction is fast and professional. They take safety seriously and stick to the plan. Our Project Manager was impressed. We like working with them!”

Kevin M Clements, LEED® AP

Director of Project Development, KRC Enterprises, INC

We are a world-class contractor.

Our professional reputation is the dedication to superior innovative products, safe quality production, recognizable showpiece, and unconventional solutions to industry challenges. Our team is a family, and our priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity and unparalleled service.

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