Constructing a Renewable Future 

Recycling our natural resources. Saving money. Providing for our future. 

M Bar C’s Renewable Energy division was created to meet the increasing demands for sustainable energy. From Solar PV to Advanced Energy Storage, we offer a variety of custom energy upgrades designed to meet your specific needs. M Bar C is now your one-stop-shop for everything under the sun.

There’s no such thing as an effective ‘cookie cutter’ renewable energy system. Which is why, at M Bar C Construction, our goal is to meet your company’s individual needs where you are at today, and where you are heading tomorrow. We are committed with partnering with you and your organization, from the start of your project to the very end, bringing a better future into today.

Take a Deeper Look

Vertically integrated structural and renewable divisions.

With in-house engineering, installation, and O&M, we have effectively reduced multiple layers of communication and markup. We pride ourselves in efficient project management, coordination, and meeting deadlines. This efficiency in simplicity has been the key to success for small and large scale projects.

How It Works

The first step in determining the feasibility of your project is to consider the available space. Ideal locations are rooftops, parking areas, and open areas of flat land. Our engineers are trained to design within space constraints and make the best use of available real estate.
Before we design a system to fit your needs, we perform an in-depth analysis of your historical electricity consumption. Time of use, utility rates, and weather patterns are a few of the factors taken into consideration when determining financial savings.
We partner with long standing, experienced financing entities to help you finance your system. Whether you are a non-profit that cannot monetize tax credits or part of an LLC without a tax appetite, we have a solution for you.  Third party financing is solely a service we facilitate. Ultimately, it is our goal to make sure our clients are taken care of and treated like part of the M Bar C family.

Our Services


Rooftops, Carports and Shade Structures, Ground Mounts

Advanced Energy Systems

Demand Response and Battery Backup

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M Bar C Construction holds a professional reputation for superior innovative products, safe quality production, recognizable showpieces and unconventional solutions to industry challenges. Our team is a family, and our priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity and unparalleled service.

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