Safety is Our Number One Priority

M Bar C Construction team was awarded the AGC San Diego 2017 Construction Safety Excellence Award.

Our training, practices, and policies are up to the utmost standards. To maintain these standards at all times, our team works hand in hand with SMART Safety Group, experts in workplace management, staffing and training.

Safety Practices

Job Site Audits

Regular audits are performed to ensure safe behaviors and conditions. All unsafe behaviors and conditions are addressed immediately onsite.

Safety Assurance

Regular safety assurance meetings with our management team that entail job site audits, incidents, and disciplinary actions, ensure 100% compliance. Policy and processes are then created to advance the Safety Program. From here, we review the progress of the program, train on areas of standard procedures and health, and present a packet which includes a detailed information focusing on healthy site practices, procedures and job site audits.

Claim Management

Every incident is identified and responding to immediately, by both employee and company. The definition of an incident is: Any unwanted or unplanned event that resulted or could result in personal injury or property damage.

Consulting and Safety Training

Consulting and safety training vary from project pre-planning to simple phone calls. We use training facilities in San Diego and Los Angeles, while the SMART Group is available to assist during OSHA inspections or meetings with subcontractors, insurance personnel or your customers on matters of safety.

Mike Prescott

Director of Safety and Quality Control

In 2008 MbarC expanded with the growth of solar and Mike became the first superintendent for the company and is now the Safety Inspector in charge of field operations, and quality control.