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DSA Approved Structures




M Bar C Construction is changing the future of schools and government facilities through our DSA projects. M Bar C offers a growing catalog of DSA approved structures (Division of State Architect Approved Structures). From solar canopies, steel shade structures and fabric shade structures, our DSA approved structures can be used for providing shade or a combination of shade and solar electricity. With the convenience of pre-approved plans, you can start your project almost immediately and M Bar C self-performs with highly trained crews that will complete your project in a timely manner without sacrificing quality.

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DSA Approved Structures


With several DSA approved structures options available (click each to see specifications):

  1. Solar Carport Canopies: T structures and semi cantilever structures for parking lots and fields
  2. Versa Canopy: Versatile usage ranging from lunch shelters, walkway covers, bus/drop off shelters, dugout covers
  3. Multi-Purpose Canopy: For outside gymnasiums, arenas
  4. Fabric Shade Canopies: Steel columns with fabric to shield students from the harmful effects of the sun.

Our DSA approved all-steel shade structures are designed specifically to meet the needs of California schools.

  • Available in sizes from 400 to 10,000 square feet and will meet the seismic, soils, and wind load requirements of almost any California School. In cases of extreme seismic, wind, or snow loads, a custom structure can be engineered to meet the DSA’s requirements.
  • Shade structures are at their most efficient when used in 9’ X 9’ Modules.  The 9’ X 9’ module will accommodate a standard school table including access. For example, 44’ X 18’ Smart Canopy is made up of 10 9’ X 9’ modules and so will comfortably cover 10 standard lunch tables. Each table will seat 6-10 students depending on grade level. Thus, a 44’ X 18’ shade structure will cover 60-100 students.
  • All-steel construction means big savings on maintenance. Steel shelters are vandal proof and are built using decking and trim with a baked enamel finish, galvanized framing and hardware, and tube steel columns.
  • M Bar C’s years of experience with the DSA mean jobs go smoothly and are completed on time with the documentation required to close them out. M Bar C’s focus on customer service and value means the best value in permanent shade.

From the industry leader in DSA approved solar structures: DSA approved shade structures; lunch structures; outdoor learning centers, playground covers; and walkway covers. Dugout Covers, Bus, and Drop-off Shelters too!

  1. DSA approved structures designed to meet your needs
  2. Shelters fit the tables, so you don’t have to fit the tables to the shelter
  3. 9 X 9 Modules include Tables and Access
  4. 200 to 10,000 sq ft.
  5. Custom Dimensions Available


DSA Approved Versa-Canopy PC# 04-114167

Versa Canopy Gable
Versa-Canopy Gable

  • 28’ & 36’ Wide
  • 44’ & 70’ Standard Lengths
  • 17’9” Max Column Height
Versa Canopy Pitched Walkway 1
Versa-Canopy Center Column Shelter 

  • 18’ Max Width
  • 44’ & 70’ Standard Lengths
  • Available in any length
Versa Canopy Walkthrough
Versa-Canopy Walkway

  • 14’ Max Width
  • 27’ Column Spacing
  • Available in any length
Versa Canopy Pitched
Versa-Canopy Pitched Center Column Shelter 

  • 18’ Max Width
  • 3/12 Max Pitch
  • 17’9” Max Column Height
Versa Canopy Pitched Walkway
Versa-Canopy Pitched Walkway

  • 14’ Max Width
  • 3/12 Max Pitch
  • 17’9” Max Column Height
Versa Canopy Double Gable
Versa-Canopy Double Gable

  • 54’ & 70’ Wide
  • 44’ & 70’ Standard Lengths
  • 17’9” Max Column Height

Play Canopy

PC# 04-114894

Image 5 Click To Enlarge

PC# 114894

  • Easily covers most Play Structures
  • Large Spans “Keep the Columns out of the Rubber”
  • Tube Steel columns bare, primed, or galv; Galv Light Gauge Framing; Colored Decking and Trim at no extra charge (standard colors only)
  • Weight Rooms, Shop Covers, Equipment Covers

Multi-Purpose Canopy

PC# 04-114895

Image 6
  • 40’ Clear Span—Cover the largest Play Structures
  • Structural Steel Columns and Beams-Field Painted or Galv
  • Colored Decking and Trim at no extra charge (standard colors only)
  • Clear Heights to 21’
  • Assembly Areas, Outdoor Classrooms, Cafeteria expansions

Gym Canopy

PC# 04-114895

Image 7
  • 66’ Span—Big enough to Cover a Basketball Court
  • Structural Steel Columns and Beams-Field Painted or Galv
  • Colored Decking and Trim at no extra charge (standard colors only)
  • Clear Heights to 23’
  • Ice Rinks, Riding Arenas, Tennis Courts
  • Open Air Learning and Conference Center

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