Sometimes, a project comes along that challenges us in unique ways and presents an opportunity for us to show our clients just how determined M Bar C Construction is to get the job done right.

At M Bar C Construction, we are proud to provide solutions for even the most challenging projects. We intentionally staff, plan and coordinate our teams in the awareness of effective and precise project planning, execution and completion. All M Bar C Construction projects are unique and carefully crafted to the very last bolt. But sometimes a project comes along that challenges us in unique ways and presents an opportunity for us to show our clients just how determined M Bar C Construction is to get the job done right.

On May 23rd, 2018 M Bar C Construction crews began work on a parking structure rooftop project at Nantworks Pharmaceuticals in Culver City, CA. From the outset it was clear the geographic location of the jobsite would require specific attention as it occupied a space-limited street with heavy traffic congestion. Our team created a plan to station all necessary materials in an alternative location (in a less space restricted area) and as the project developed, we transferred required materials to the site on an as needed basis. With the awareness of our materials being in a separate location than the project, and our commitment to accurate timelines, strategic and intentional scheduling was crucial.

Another daunting challenge involved a scheduling requirement that dictated we build our solar carport structure during the same timeframe as completion of the parking garage itself. As a result, the logistical coordination to determine where material and equipment could be stored, and when crew members could perform their tasks, entailed proactive and detailed cross-coordination with multiple other contractors. Additionally, M Bar C Construction crews realized the Nantworks office building directly next to the parking structure was in active construction at the same time as our build. These factors all played major roles in the intricacy of this project. Project Manager, Brent Drummond, explained:

“There were parking garage height restrictions, so using trucks to bring our materials to the top deck wasn’t an option. All material and necessary equipment was instead craned up across several picks. Also, due to neighboring construction, two competing cranes operated directly adjacent to each other while facing opposite directions. Precise planning was crucial not only to perform the work efficiently but also to ensure safety. We were strategic in our coordination of what and when we hoisted 48-foot-long beams up to the deckin consideration of the other cranelift schedule and turn radius requirements. Similarly, we mapped out in advance where to release each hoisted load at the top of the parking garage. This was necessary to maintain paths of travel for the other construction crews working on completing the parking structure, and to properly distribute the weight load to maintain the structural integrity of the building.”

Brent Drummond

Project Manager, M Bar C Construction

Despite multiple challenging factors, these hurdles proved to be just another opportunity for the M Bar C Construction team to showcase its determination to provide impeccable project solutions. The Nantworks parking structure rooftop project was completed only 3 weeks after it started, delivering a 232.3 kW system comprised of 505 solar panels and supported by 30 posts. Understanding the amount of careful consideration, precise communication and detailed planning that went into this project, Nantworks will always serve as a testament to the level strength and skill that our M Bar C Construction team holds.