Continuously striving to meet client needs; The Atlas provides innovative and powerful solutions for every project.

M Bar C Construction has been an industry leader in the manufacturing and designing of carports and shade structures since 1975. A large part of M Bar C Construction’s success can be attributed to our ongoing commitment to our company values; family, integrity, commitment, quality, growth, and leadership. These values are woven into the everyday tapestry of who we, what we do, and why we do it. These traits lend themselves to the regular innovation and development of M Bar C products and processes. These values connect us to our clients and their ever-evolving needs always driving us to provide creative solutions for them and their projects. This outlook has led to our newest structural design; The Atlas. The Atlas is a wide flange design that was created with the purpose of meeting the needs of every client we have by providing a more cost-efficient structure without sacrificing efficiency or safety.

The Atlas design process has taken place over the last year and has now reached the final stages of approval for the Division of State Architect (DSA) approved structures precheck. The innovative combination of structural engineering shifts and material adjustments have allowed our design teams to provide a carport shade solution that not only meets our customer’s needs but also exceeds industry structure requirements. Andreas Karlsson, M Bar C Construction Director of Program Strategy and Development explained:

“M Bar C is unique in the way that we self-perform our systems. The Atlas design lets us propose projects that weren’t otherwise attainable. For solar to make sense to our clients, our systems need to meet a certain rate that proves its applicability to our client’s needs. The introduction of The Atlas provides just that solution.”

Our newest steel structure design incorporates steel that utilizes a 20 percent reduction in steel costs, while also providing better performance in high seismic zones. Additionally, the strategic placement of columns specific to The Atlas design has maximized the value of engineering by allowing our engineers to increase the number of solar panels per column. Erik Krivokopich, Vice President of Business Development explained: “We heard the voice of our clients when they told us they needed a wider range of options to meet their projects needs, and that’s how the Atlas was developed.”  The Atlas structure is currently being utilized at various M Bar C projects such as Folsom Prison and Cape Cod Transit Authority, bringing design innovation coast to coast.

The Atlas Design, Cape Cod Transit Authority