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The Strength Between Sun and Shade™

With over four decades of commercial carport design and installation experience, M Bar C Construction takes pride in meeting the most demanding utility, durability, and cost specifications. Throughout our history, we have installed over 1 gigawatt (1,000 megawatts) of energy and over 5 million square feet of structures installed yearly. With installations across the nation, M Bar C is your carport and shade structure solution.

Solar & Non-Solar Carports

M Bar C Construction provides dependable solar and non-solar carport solutions for general contractors, project developers, corporate divisions, and government entities working on large-scale projects.

DSA Approved Structures

With the most extensive portfolio of DSA-approved structures, our all-steel shade structures are designed specifically to meet the needs of California schools.

Steel Canopies & Shade Structures

Custom steel structures, canopies, and engineered shade structure services created to meet your growing industrial needs.

Parking Garages

M Bar C Construction design and installation teams have mastered project solutions in navigating the intricacies and specifications for parking garage carport installations.

Commercial Carport Experts

M Bar C Construction is dedicated to delivering superior carport installations.


M Bar C is dedicated to providing only the highest-quality carports and shade structures. We specialize in the design and installation of carport solutions tailored to our client’s project needs.

M Bar C was developed to serve the increasing demands of commercial, government, and industrial customers with various services, including steel carports, solar shade structures, and DSA Precheck Approved canopies.

From start to finish, M Bar C Construction is committed to the success of your project. With over 40 years of carport installation experience, M Bar C Construction provides carport solutions as we build a better future today.

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M Bar C Carport and Shade Structures

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Solar & Non-Solar Carports

M Bar C Construction designs and builds carports to meet your projects site specific needs.

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DSA Approved Structures

M Bar C Construction is improving the future of schools and government facilities in California through our DSA approved structures.

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Steel Canopies & Shade Structures

M Bar C Construction specializes in the design and construction of solar and non-solar carports and customized shade solutions.

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Parking Garages

M Bar C Construction offers a growing catalog of parking garage carport installations.

M Bar C has been a valued partner with the FCUSD for years now, I consider the relationship to be more than solid! I brag on M Bar C with anyone that asks or others that might have a similar need. Top to bottom, I appreciate everything you do for me and FCUSD!

Mike Hammond
Folsom Cordova Unified School District

M Bar C did a wonderful job on our solar PV project. We are completely satisfied with the workmanship, quality, communication and successful outcome. Currently, our project is producing at approximately 105% of the engineered generation. Great job!

Fred Diamond
Citrus College

I've worked with M Bar C on 16 different carport projects at public school campuses this summer alone, ranging from just over 100kW to just under 1MW in size. This had to be the craziest summer in recent memory, with steel availability issues, COVID impacts, and the short summer break making it extremely challenging to get the projects completed in time to minimize impact on operation of the schools. M Bar C simply nailed it, showing great flexibility and tenacity to secure material, prioritize, and execute these projects. The electrical installers that complete these systems express consistent praise for the quality of the structures, and the school districts appreciate the collaborative spirit and respect for the sites that M Bar C demonstrates. From pre-con optimization work through the post-con site walks, it has been a pleasure working with M Bar C, and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Calvin Olsen

M Bar C Construction is fast and professional. They take safety seriously and stick to the plan. Our Project Manager was impressed. We like working with them!

Kevin M Clements, LEED® AP
Director of Project Development, KRC Enterprises, INC

It has been a pleasure working with M Bar C Construction on this project. They are very professional and have made working towards project completion efficient and timely without sacrificing quality and safety.

Manny Padilla

Your field crew was very respectful and was very responsible to protect new and existing finishes.

Bryan Davey
Conan Construction

M Bar C Crews knocked Santiago Middle School carport project out of the park. Despite the 2019 summer sprint, they completed the project with excellent quality and willingness to step up and solve problems in a timely and professional manner. Their dedication kept us on track to meet the completion timing expectation set with the client.

David Silva

The M Bar C Team was exceptional in getting the required documentation in order, working within the project schedule, and efficiently managing man power to meet the needs of the project.

Great communication throughout the process, from preconstruction, to fabricating and installing! Great work, looking forward to working with you on our next endeavor soon!

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We are a world-class contractor.

​Our professional reputation means dedication to superior innovative products, safe quality production, recognizable showpieces, and unconventional solutions to industry challenges. This is achieved by having an enjoyable family work environment that provides growth and development of every team member. Our number one priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity and unparalleled service.

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