The Strength Between Sun and Shade™

If it’s made of steel and it covers from the sun, M Bar C Construction can build it, meeting the most demanding specifications for utility, durability, and cost-effectiveness.With over 300 megawatts of energy installed and over 3.72 million square feet installed and growing, M Bar C Construction is the only company you need to call.

“M Bar C Construction is fast and professional. They take safety seriously and stick to the plan. Our Project Manager was impressed. We like working with them!”

Kevin M Clements, LEED® AP

Director of Project Development, KRC Enterprises, INC

We are a world-class contractor.

Our professional reputation is the dedication to superior innovative products, safe quality production, recognizable showpieces and unconventional solutions to industry challenges. Our team is a family, and our priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity and unparalleled service.

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